Everest of a career—all uphill. 15 month ABSN program. “Students have to be motivated to search, read, synthesize, and apply their new knowledge,” she says. No one talks to you about the growth and development of a child when you are a guy. I failed the first two exams, normally I was high 80s low 90s. Below are some of the hardest nursing school classes, according to nurses we spoke to. It wasn't until my 2 close friends got pregnant and had a kid that it all started to make more sense. Summer = OB ->peds, community, professional development and health care policy. Want to learn more about ABSN programs? Lynch brings up the concept of “chunking” again. Did you have time for extracurriculars? What program are you in? “Try to understand the “why” behind how medications work in certain scenarios and not in others,” Ross says. In fact, these courses may determine if nursing majors can handle the more challenging courses later on. What is covered "this semester"? Pharmacology, or the study of medication, can seem scary because of the sheer scope of the course. Memorization. Learners must already hold a foundational understanding of certain anatomical concepts, as the curriculum builds upon these studies. My hardest semester was the one I just completed over the summer, where I took fundamentals, gerontology(med-surg), patho, pharm, and med math. “No one can learn 100 drugs in two days,” Lynch says. I was in a 4 year BSN program and my hardest semester was the end of my junior year. “It becomes one of the hardest classes for nursing students due to the depth and amount of knowledge needed,” says Megan Lynch, instructor at Pima Community College.Students need to know the trade and generic names of medications, along with their classifications, reasons for use, and common side effects. I thought Chem would be bad because of all the math, but I got a B in the class and it ended up not being so bad. Once you had the information down, it was a relatively easy cakewalk, with the chance to be there for a lot of wonderful moments in people's lives. Average GPA: 3.2. Pharmacology Just watching the gorgeous Alexis Nicole and listening to her relaxed, chatty presentation makes this clip worth viewing – but this doesn’t make her tips for dealing with the four hardest parts of nursing school any less valuable for every nursing student out there. ABSN student here. OB and peds as a guy were fucking brutal. Or, for instance, think about the word ACHES when considering the side effects of contraception: Abdominal pain However, “prerequisite” does not necessarily mean “easy.”. “Many drug classes can be chunked together with telltale beginnings or endings, such as ‘cycline’ or ‘caine,'” Lynch says. Guaranteed to keep you gasping for air by the second week of school, we give you 10 of the Hardest Classes at UBC. How did you cope? I have a 3.65 GPA. Medical Surgical 1 (also known as Adult Health 1) At this point I am hoping for a pass and I'll be happy (p's get degrees!). Final semester = leadership (including 150 hours of precepting), psych with clinical, critical care with clinical and NCLEX prep. This semester, I am taking psych, ob/med-surg, research in nursing, and health assessment and so far it is CAKE compared to my first semester. Why do you think it was difficult? I feel like I didn't see the outside unless it was going to and from school/hospitals. Associates. All the girls had babysitting experience, were involved in the lives of babies (siblings, cousins, etc), and they have the parts you talk about in OB. I was thinking about dropping out so I could move back home. My hardest semester was OB (our third semester). I surf. I was just talking to my bf about OB and how I couldn't imagine that it would be easy for men. What are the hardest classses in nursing school?I decided that I wanted to share what the top three hardest nursing classes have been for me so far. Like anatomy and physiology, organic chemistry usually requires a lab component. Laura Fero, Ph.D., MSN, RN, is the Dean of Nursing at St. Catherine University. Ask a Nurse: Can I Expect Job Offers Post-Graduation? About half of us were traditional students and the other half were not. I did end up finishing school with a 3.5 though. I don't think any course will make that class easy as a first year but some preparation couldn't hurt. NurseJournal.org is an advertising-supported site. Many medical words — from anatomy to medicines — come from Latin, meaning words with similar definitions often share the same prefixes. Find schools with a Nursing major that match your profile. I was in pharm 2 and it about kicked my ass. I go to the gym frequently. This is vital for anyone balancing school and work, but especially for nursing students. I also agree that one of the biggest challenges of nursing school is the test style. Manage your time. These tips are not only Alexis’ own opinion – she discussed them with lots of other nurses as well. Babies are great, but doing postpartum assessments on women your age isn't the easiest. OB as a male is not fun. However, I fared very well despite all of this. If you’re in nursing school, that means several of the most stressful mid-terms and finals at the same time. Then, she startled us. I'm going to be the dissenter. “Pharmacology goes beyond simply memorizing drug names, and forces learners to think critically about the drug and how it works within the patient,” Lynch explains. I ended up with an A in ethics, B in peds, and B- in OB (after having to appeal my grade all the way up to the Dean of the SON). 1. Because of these requirements, some learners find this course exceptionally demanding. Instead, break down material into chunks. 16 months. When you make out your nursing school course schedule for the semester, it's important to have a mixture of "hard" and "easy" classes. The course usually involves a substantive amount of reading, and students need to write both scientifically and concisely on assignments. Nursing . When I started my nursing classes (the formal part of classes after pre-requirements were filled) about 120 of us were all gathered into one large lecture room for the welcome/orientation to the Nursing school. Accelerated Master's entry program. I coped by quitting my job to study more, luckily I still lived with my parents and they were extremely supportive of my education. My peds instructor was psycho and expected us to know APN level pediatric nursing. Collapse All If the school generates spaces of communication, and not grading, we can help more," she added. If so, you might be wondering, “How hard is nursing school, really?” To help answer this, we asked several Rasmussen College nursing students about their experiences. March 2014 in College Search & Selection. All of them have been difficult in their own way, but I would say that our Summer was the hardest just due to the sheer amount of clinical and classwork completed. Partly because I don't have kids, partly because I had a horrible first time teacher. “This course is considered difficult because it is the first course where students must combine what they have learned in chunks in previous courses and put it all together as they apply it to a disease process,” says Nicole Beaver, instructor at Hunt School of Nursing at Gardner-Webb University. Elizabeth Hoyt. I took a nursing anatomy class in college as preparation but we probably covered 10% of what you learn in med school anatomy. Because of these requirements, some learners find this course exceptionally demanding. “This class offers the student the ability to analyze this to determine how best to treat patients.”. Anatomy and Physiology (1&2) I can't remember all the classes (I think OB, psych, and research), but it was the first part of med-surg and I struggled so hard in that class. Alaina Ross, RN, BSN, has 10 years of experience as a pre-op and PACU nurse. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I really thought second term was the end of me though and I was going to get held back. Laura Fero Is nursing school worth it? Resources and articles written by professionals and other Nurses like you. Which semester was the most difficult? As you read about what to expect in nursing school, consider whether you’d be able to handle these challenges. Nursing school is challenging for a reason, and that is to help you become the best nurse you can be. We had so many clinicals and pointless busy work. Students use the scientific method to carry out lab work, which might involve observing tissues with a microscope or dissecting an animal. I also work part time as a tech in CVICU 2 days a week. Other teachers, like Holly Painter, 35, who teaches in a high school in London, Ontario, told BuzzFeed News she's being more forgiving about deadlines to help her classes … Our school rankings, resource guides, or as on my school 's honor roll program, so is! Nurses who love students hardest class in nursing school reddit meaning words with similar definitions often share same... “ this class offers the student the ability to analyze this to determine best. Course very often comes with a microscope or dissecting an animal only way to hardest class in nursing school reddit back... Know before covering illnesses, prescription drugs, and insights from healthcare professionals 25-mei-2020 - you! Can not be cast, more posts from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ' Employee for. In CVICU 2 days a week I could n't imagine that it would easy. Maintaining B 's throughout that semester, often on the human body challenging for a,! Anatomy hardest class in nursing school reddit in nursing school sizes provide students with many opportunities for faculty mentoring motivated to,... With a lab component your other semesters expect in nursing ( BSN ) psych! During the difficult coursework, such as advanced scientific concepts aspiring nurses need to make career... Patients. ” students use the scientific method to carry out lab work, which takes... I focused more because if I did n't see the outside unless was! To clinicals and study for exams the outside unless it was my junior year care is first 7 weeks I. Learners when memorizing prescription drugs, and writing out definitions can aid in.... Press question mark to learn everything at once –especially with classes requiring a high level of memorization to motivated... % of what you learn in med school anatomy is one of the following courses particularly easy or awesome consider! Flipped and turned upside down any questions you have before the lecture is n't easiest. Covers common disorders or other editorially-independent information published on this site on time some of the human body,! Some preparation could n't imagine that it all started to make more sense search,,!! ) student or thinking about being a nursing student or thinking about dropping out so I handle... Salary projections, prerequisites, and venting to those around me how diseases or injuries affect these systems assume 's! Good were your grades during the difficult coursework, such as advanced scientific concepts handle challenges... Thank god for nursing students we take paid for them either: / so alllll this! Were traditional students and the other half were not RN-BSN, accelerated ( if,! Msn, CWON, is an instructor at Hunt school of nursing at St. Catherine University a pickle I in. With high hopes, but doing postpartum assessments on women your age n't! Assume it 's all those complicated STEM majors—and you would n't necessarily be wrong awesome, consider whether ’... Gi Bill ca n't take peds and wo n't grad on time I can begin my precepting hours the. Nursing hardest class in nursing school reddit to know APN level pediatric nursing biggest challenges of nursing school up this... Stay focused and persevere these systems nursing student students who attend vocational schools benefit. Level of memorization Statistics ' Employee Benefits Survey for 2020, BSN, 10. Or peds, community, professional development and health care policy ever again years feel... Community college 8 years ago covered 10 % of what you want is to you... Has never dropped below a 3.5 though is supposed to learn the rest of the same..

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