Contextual translation of "thought only of wearing gaudy" into Tagalog. Information and translations of GAUDY in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. gaud deception, trick, from gaudi a jest,… Translate english tagalog. (adj.) Goudy Old Style (also known as just Goudy) is an old-style serif typeface originally created by Frederic W. Goudy for American Type Founders (ATF) in 1915.. Translate filipino english. Found 114 sentences matching phrase "gauge".Found in 5 ms. 1. not quiet or soft, making a great sound: malakas ; 2. showy in dress or manner: masagwa ; 3. noisy: maingay Gaudy definition, brilliantly or excessively showy: gaudy plumage. Suitable for text and display applications, Goudy Old Style matches the historicist trend of American printing in the early twentieth century, taking inspiration from the printing of the Italian Renaissance without a … Translate filipino tagalog. gaudi large, ornamental bead in a rosary (early 14c. gaudy (English)Pronunciation (Brit. Filipino words for cheers include Tagay!, Sa inyong kalusugan!, tagay, masagwa, suguran, manunuka, nakapepeste, magtsek, suimigaw and masikim. Learn more. Filipino translator. Filipino dictionary. jologz, jolog (Filipino slang)Noun. What does GAUDY mean? IPA: /ˈɡɔː.di/(Amer. Find more Filipino words at! jologs (Tagalog)Alternative forms. May mga jologs na nakatira duon sa may creek Some punks live there in the creekside slums; Any person deemed to be acting, exhibiting behaviours, in a manner similar to the commonly observed behaviour of slums teenagers. Eng.) IPA: /ˈɡɑ.di/Rhymes: -ɔːdi Origin & history I Origin uncertain; perhaps from gaud ("ornament, trinket") + -y, perhaps ultimately from Old French gaudir‎ ("to rejoice"). » synonyms and related words: loud. A young person from the squatter area, usually a teenaged male or female. gauge translation in English-Tagalog dictionary. adj. Eng.) Definition for the Tagalog word matingkad: matingk á d [adjective] brightly colored; with loud colors; with vivid colors; vividly colorful; flamboyant; gaudy Definition of GAUDY in the dictionary. Human translations with examples: kultura ng japan. ); but there is a parallel sense of gaudy as full of trickery (1520s), from M.E. showy, tastelessly rich, 1580s, probably ultimately from M.E. See more. Meaning of GAUDY. Showing page 1. gaudy definition: 1. unpleasantly bright in colour or decoration: 2. unpleasantly bright in color or decoration: 3…. Tagalog translator. English words for maringal include grand, elegant, gorgeous, impressive, magnificent, sumptuous, stately, glorious, imposing and gaudy.

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